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SQR Long Dresser


Why We Love It

This SQR Long Dresser features a 2'' solid wood frame and offers a structural and protective element, which envelops and highlights the reclaimed wood drawers. There's a 3/4'' gap between every drawer, which acts as a finger pull handle, while highlighting the unique nature of each individual drawer. A rustic look with a natural and modern beauty.

  • Handmade and designed in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Graphite-treated reclaimed wood.
  • 3 pairs of graphite-treated, reclaimed midwest barn wood drawers are recessed into the wood frame.
  • Oil-rubbed finish.
  • Comes with the ARTLESS Cares Kit to keep your furniture well -onditioned.
  • For custom orders, contact our design team: hello@rypen.com¬†or 800.560.0554.


Created By


ARTLESS is all about time. Featuring home furnishings that resist it, craftsmanship that takes it, and construction that withstands it. ARTLESS furniture is fully focused on and committed to excellence in design through the highest quality of materials and workmanship, so you can feel good about your emotional and ethical investment.

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