Muv Motion Table


Why We Love It

Versatile design for life on the go. The BDI Müv Motion Table goes wherever a convenient surface is needed. Whether positioned together in front of a sofa, separated as individual pull-up tables, or serving as convenient end tables to a sleeper sofa, Müv motion tables effortlessly adjust to your changing needs. They securely join together to form a large coffee table and make a statement in any room.

  • Locking wheels.
  • Motion Tables.
  • Natural Magnetism.
  • A clear tempered glass divider functions as a unique backstop for books and other display items.
  • Ample storage space is available beneath for display and personal items.


Created By


BDI’s middle name is Design, and honorably so. Becker Designed, Inc. has decades of experience in making long-lasting and timeless office and home theater furniture. The first of its kind, BDI successfully merges innovation with design by applying the principles of high-end modern and contemporary design to practical, everyday furniture use for the modern-minded.