Strington Soft Rope Lounge Chair


Product Info
H: 33.5" W: 33.1" L: 32.3"
2 Years
  • Modern and timeless design with a natural look.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use all year round.
  • Chair base is made from WWF-GFTN certified teak, sourced from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.
  • Teak is untreated, allow to patina into a pale grey color over time, or retain the original rich golden color by treating with a teak sealant or oil.
  • Cane-line Soft Rope is produced by woven polypropylene (PP). The material has a soft surface that provides good support and excellent sitting comfort. Do not pull hard on the material as it can be stretched out of shape. Cane-line Soft Rope is ideal for outdoor use and is UV-resistant.
  • Comes with a Cane-line Natté cushion set with QuickDry & Airflow systems to ensure they are dry approximately one hour after heavy rain.
  • QuickDryFoam® padding ensures maximum drainage and air circulation, and antibacterial protection reduces the risk of fungal and mold formation.
  • High lightfastness.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning.
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 16-18 weeks – contact us for availability.
Frame / Upholstery
Dark Grey Soft Rope / Grey