Veram Flush Mount


Why We Love It

Veram's design is equal parts beautiful and minimalist. Few designs in Cerno's line are as adaptable to different environments as the Veram. Cerno's signature wood and metal material palette compose a robust and dynamic fixture.

  • Handmade and designed in Laguna Beach, CA.
  • Would work beautifully in a conference room, bathroom, closet, corridor or living room.
  • Wood grain will vary
  • Specifications subject to change
  • Emergency backup option available upon request
  • Also available in a Pendant version.
  • If out of stock, lead times may vary – contact us for more details.


Created By


Founded in 2009, the roots for Cerno were established many years earlier. The founding trio - Nick Sheridan, Bret Englander and Dan Wacholder - grew up together in Laguna Beach and dreamed of one day putting all their cumulative artistic and engineering skills together into one creative endeavor. That endeavor became Cerno, an industrial design and manufacturing company that creates modern LED lighting fixtures and furniture.