MR01 Initial Lounge Chair with Cushion


Why We Love It

Rasmussen conceived the MR01 as a lounge chair that could be used while meditating – a comfortable, gently inclined, low lounge seat in which one could relax, feet to the floor, and relish the calming sensation of floating while remaining grounded. The lightweight chair was always intended to be versatile and nomadic, traveling easily around the home as the user wishes.

  • Originally designed for his own home as a lounge chair he could also use for meditation, the MR01 Initial Chair by woodworker Mathias Steen Rasmussen unites traditional craftsmanship with original ideas in a simple form that is at once familiar and yet strikingly modern.
  • Beautifully honest, light in both weight and expression, MR01 is a striking interplay of craftsmanship, comfort and sustainability.
  • Its low-slung, gentle incline is designed to give the sitter a sense of floating, while still feeling connected to the ground, promoting a contemplative sense of calm.
  • Available in either walnut or oak with an oil finish applied, the open triangle frame has been constructed without using a single screw.
  • The seat and backrest are hand-woven from 90 meters of natural linen cord, adding a lightness to the design.
  • The MR01 Initial Chair can give comfort all year round – the rope construction allows airflow in the warmer months, and simply adding a blanket or sheepskin makes it cozy all through winter.
  • For added comfort in many sitting positions, a bouclé wool covered pillow is included.
  • The Initial chair can be placed alone or in pairs in the home, while it functions superbly in longer rows or clusters in hospitality settings.
  • Production times may vary – contact us for details.


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