Satellite Floor Lamp - Outdoor


Product Info
H: 50.4" W: 10.6" L: 17.7"
2 Years
E26 6W-10W LED 810lm Bulb (Included)
  • First launched in 1953, Matégot’s eccentric, modern Satellite Lighting Collection still retains its appeal 70 years later.
  • Satellite features the designer’s signature material innovation, the perforated metal sheeting he called Rigitulle, and the folding and shaping technique he used to form it.
  • The lamp’s name is a nod to the technological optimism of the postwar era, and an acknowledgement of the design’s resemblance to a cosmic object – one of the reasons why the Satellite design seems so at home in outdoor settings.
  • The Satellite’s cap is constructed from aluminum and the shade from stainless steel, which is pressed and bent to Matégot’s signature shape.
  • Powder-coating protects the lamp from rust and the impact of weather, allowing the lamp to be permanently installed outdoors with minimal maintenance.
  • The electronic components are specially constructed to protect them against the elements, and the LED bulb is housed within a watertight polycarbonate cover that keeps it safe without disrupting the light emitted.
  • Satellite's hallmark feature is the shade's ovoid shell, which casts a diffused, ambient light 360° around the lamp.
  • The shade is topped with a cap, which deflects light back into the room, helping to create an enchanting interplay of light and shadow on the space below, and a distinctive glow when the lamp is viewed from underneath.
  • The Satellite Outdoor Collection features a Floor Lamp and Pendant in two sizes; both are available with a semi-matte shade in either Cream White or Mustard Gold.
  • Designed to be durable enough for lasting use outdoors, the Satellite Outdoor Floor Lamp serves equally well inside, its lower height proving ideal in lounges or to provide background lighting in dining areas.
  • It can be easily repositioned to change the atmosphere and function of the space.
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 12-16 weeks – contact us for details.
Cream White
Mustard Gold