Unbound Floor Lamp


Product Info
H: 47.2" W: 9"
2 Years
Class E
LED Integrated - 20W - 1500lm +/- 100lm
On Cable/Base
US - Type A, 2pin
CE Listed
On Cord
  • The Unbound Collection fulfils Space Copenhagen’s ambition to create a practical but poetic lantern with a distinctive sculptural character.
  • The pared-back take on a traditional Japanese paper lantern balances the ethereal and the functional, while challenging the conventions of the typology in its playful asymmetry.
  • The Unbound Lamp was conceived to cast a spacious atmospheric light and create a gentle ‘Zen-like’ ambience.
  • Available in three sizes, Unbound can be positioned in unison or at angles to one another, creating an animated sculpture even when switched off.
  • Changing angles and positions of the lamps in relation to one another therefore subtly alters the impact of the ensemble and the mood of the space from something that evokes falling leaves to clouds drifting across the sky – actions we humans are naturally drawn towards.
  • The largest of the three defines and celebrates the scale of the room, populating dark corners and gathering the boundaries together.
  • The teardrop-shaped gray marble base of the lantern-inspired series acts as an anchor, embodying stillness and weight.
  • Dimmable LEDs arrayed around the antique brass mast give the lamp it's ethereal glow.
  • A rotating white linen or natural canvas shade with the same shape appears weightless, vibrant and flighty in contrast – aligning perfectly over the base only once in every 360º rotation and embodying asymmetry for the other 359º.
  • The black cord features a dimmer switch, so the intensity of light can be adjusted to match the mood.
  • If out of stock, quickship items typically ship in 6-8 weeks; lead times for special order items may vary depending on availability – contact us for details.
Grey Marble
120cm / 47"