Harbour Outdoor

Pure Side Table Square


Why We Love It

Organic and ornate all at once, the Harbour Outdoor Pure Side Table Square perfectly showcases the organic beauty of A-grade Indonesian teak. This piece emphasizes the natural aesthetic of wood, exposing the intricate design of the exposed grain. It is a square side table that is infinitely absorbing and acts as a standalone statement piece or a larger table when grouped with two or three.

  • Made from natural teak wood and is hand-finished without the addition of any treatment.
  • Each piece is unique and over time will experience movement, cracks and changes in the appearance of the wood.
  • Optional protective cover available.


Created By

Harbour Outdoor

Harbour Outdoor focuses on creating durable outdoor furniture with a unique design and a sense of culture derived from the harsh climates that Australians call home. All pieces are built to withstand a variety of climates and made with beautiful but durable materials. Share in this legacy, and take a step outside, to enjoy the great outdoors with Harbour Outdoor.

Sydney, Australia

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