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Bottle Grinders


Why We Love It

Thes Bottle Grinders are erfect for the usual salt and pepper table staples and can pulverize seeds, dried fruit, nuts, and anything else you need in the form of little bits. The internal ceramic grinder is strong and reliable so you get perfect grounds every time, and the outer rubber surfaces make them easy to grip and handle.

  • Spice and herb grinder set in stainless steel and plastic styles.
  • Ceramic grinder for easy grinding.
  • Simple open and fill with whatever grains, seeds, spices, or herbs you want to grind, and close again. Grounds sprinkle out only when you're grinding.
  • Choose from styles ranging from stainless steel to colored plastic. Lids are included to accompany each style.
  • Set of two.


Created By


MENU's philosophy is high quality design with a distinct Nordic twist. A Danish brand that aspires to "make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to", MENU has collaborations with celebrated Scandinavian contemporary designers and architects that has defined the MENU range of modern furniture, lighting, and home products.