Phare LED Lamp


Why We Love It

The Phare LED Lamp was designed for apartment no. 50 at Le Courbusier's 'Cité Radieuse' in Marseille, and its aesthetic was aligned with the idea to become a versatile everyday companion, one that could correspond to the landmark's style and improve its inhabitant's daily comfort.

  • Designed to be utilized without requiring a power outlet.
  • The Phare LED Lamp transforms can be freely placed, hung or taken outside according to need.
  • Lightweight and simple to transport.
  • Designed to be a versatile everyday companion.
  • Designed for apartment no. 50 at Le Courbusier’s ‘Cité Radieuse’ in Marseille.


Created By


MENU's philosophy is high quality design with a distinct Nordic twist. A Danish brand that aspires to "make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to", MENU has collaborations with celebrated Scandinavian contemporary designers and architects that has defined the MENU range of modern furniture, lighting, and home products.