Synnes Dining Chair


Why We Love It

The Synnes Dining Chair features a sturdy construction with a backrest created by pinning a sheet of veneer to the seat with dowels. This procedure not only creates a structurally strong backrest, it also reduces the amount of material used in making the chair overall. Comfy, stylish, and efficient.

  • Structural, curved veneer backrest attached to the seat with dowels.
  • Available in oak and ash finishes.
  • Love this look, but want a touch of upholstery? Check out the Synnes Dining Chair - Upholstered.


Created By


MENU's philosophy is high quality design with a distinct Nordic twist. A Danish brand that aspires to "make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to", MENU has collaborations with celebrated Scandinavian contemporary designers and architects that has defined the MENU range of modern furniture, lighting, and home products.