Corkcicle Air

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Why We Love It

Chill. Aerate. Pour. Enjoy. If we were really into acronyms, we'd say CAPE. Corkcicle Air aerates your wine as you pour, so you get just the right amount of oxygen for your wine’s subtle flavors to really peak. Since it is significantly faster than traditional decanting methods, you can enjoy your wine at your own pace. Here's the deal: Freeze for at least 90 minutes. Pour a half-glass of wine to make room for your Corkcicle Air, then insert into bottle to cool room-temp reds in 15 minutes or keep whites or reds chilled for an hour. Corkcicle Air’s **pour-through feature **makes serving a breeze (and spill-proof).

  • Hand wash in warm, soapy water.
  • Perfect give for the wine lover and wine lover wannabe.

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