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MU Form curates exclusive timeless designs for modern work and living. Combining function and form, they take conventional materials and twist, bend, and shape them. As a result, the furniture collection provides absolute ergonomic comfort and long-lasting durability, yet at the same time conveys beauty, brains and originality. MU Form calls it the Art of the Seat.

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Fortune Image


Fortune and fame delivered to your door. The Fortune Accent Stool is celebrated and recognized by museums and private collections around the world yet adorned in homes and commercial spaces alike. A one-piece wonder that will follow the fortune of your life.

V Collection Image

V Collection

Life beyond the alphabet, the victory of the V collection is attributed to its clean and unique ergonomic one-piece seat and back, which is designed to provide absolute comfort at home, in the office or any public setting.

JC Collection Image

JC Collection

Simple but not simple-minded, the JC Collection is modern seating that provides unparalleled long-term comfort through a contoured seat, lumbar and back support. The visible seat shell lines are evidence of this and provide the unique shape exclusive to MU Form.