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MU Form

Fortune Stool


Why We Love It

Po Shun Leong, an internationally renowned designer, has partnered with MU Forms to offer the Fortune Stool for private and public spaces. Leong’s ingenious furniture design was inspired by the contours of Chinese fortune cookies. The development of the creation began with origami before it led to the technical creation.

  • One piece form-pressed wood and designed for everyday use (standard 18“ seat height).
  • Independently tested and certified EN 16139:2013 Level 1 to withstand 100,000 cycles, or a lifetime of use.
  • Nestable for efficient storage and transport.
  • Wide base provides a stable footing on any floor surface.
  • Form-pressed PU matte-lacquered water-resistant straight grain white oak or walnut veneer shell.


Created By

MU Form

MU Form curates exclusive timeless designs for modern work and living. Combining function and form, they take conventional materials and twist, bend, and shape them. As a result, the furniture collection provides absolute ergonomic comfort and long-lasting durability, yet at the same time conveys beauty, brains and originality. MU Form calls it the Art of the Seat.