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Story Pinboard


Why We Love It

The Story Pinboard brings subtle feelings of Scandinavian design into any work or creative context, whether in the home office, in a kids room or within the workplace. Produced in cork, a material that is sourced from the renewable bark of cork oak trees, the Story Pinboard is recyclable in its entirety.

  • A subtle design for the home office and workplace.
  • The Story Pinboard translates the designers' childhood memory of a cork pin board being a magical surface onto which we could pin photos and notes to create our own little universe - rearranging the objects to create new atmospheres and reflect whatever our mood was at the time - into a new perspective through the warmth of cork in combination with a modern yet timeless expression.
  • The Story Pinboard brings simple functionality, honest materiality and a warm expression to today's home office and workplace.
  • With its gentle curves and body in cork, the Story Pinboard has a friendly sentiment that allows for it to complement any setting.
  • With its cork surfaces upon which objects can be pinned alongside the small storage pocket for pens and other office artifacts, the Story Pinboard allows for its user to get creative and display their changing perspectives.
  • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth.


Created By


Muuto’s Scandinavian roots are evident in their broad collection of furniture, lighting, and accessories—roots that go right down to the name itself: muutos is Finnish for “new perspectives”. These new takes blend modern elements with bold and creative thinking, resulting in quality design that constantly makes your home better and bolder.