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Our trade services do more to assist trade professionals in creating a space that fulfills clients' needs. We are a valuable resource for navigating, customizing, curating, and advising with Rypen's collection of unique design capabilities. To top things off, we provide specialized product management and fulfillment services to always ensure total satisfaction.

Rypen offers an enhanced web experience for trade professionals. Using your online account, your Rypen design specialist is only a click away at any time. Ask a question, receive product recommendations, inquire about custom product options, or request a quote. Once you've built your project, your Rypen design specialist will review the details right away to provide you the best pricing for a seamless checkout online.

Discounts for qualified professionals

Product expertise and recommendations

Customized manufacturing and design


Personal guidance through our entire catalogue

Order, delivery, and installation management


Friendly, supportive, and serviceable staff

Featured Case Study
Rypen was honored for the opportunity to assist Marta Scerbo from in2designla on her Villa Gulf project in Kuwait. Our services on this project included: custom furniture, standard line offerings and logistics support to ensure everything went smoothly.
Interior Design: Marta Scerbo of in2designla, Architecture: AAP, Photography: Joao Morgado