Yield Design Co.

16 Inch Spun Planter


Why We Love It

The large self-watering 16 Inch Spun Planter is hand-spun from a single sheet of copper and holds a range of large plants and small trees. The planter contains a 1.25 reservoir at the base divided from the main body by a perforated aluminum disc. The reservoir keeps standing water separate from the soil, preventing root rot, but evaporates back into the soil once it begins to dry out.

  • Powder coated metal.
  • Holds large plants and small trees, no problem!
  • 1.25 perforated aluminum reservoir at the base prevents root rot.
  • Recommended for use in indoor or covered outdoor areas.
  • Use it with the 16 Planter Stand to keep it elevated.


Created By

Yield Design Co.

YIELD lives at the intersection of functionality and elegance, of high-end design and accessibility. Ranging from furniture to accessories, YIELD's broad product line is designed by founders Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming. The line is unified through an uncompromising approach to craft, thoughtful production, and a design language that is at once distinctive, understated, and livable.