Simple. Distinct. Versatile. Cane-line Furniture pays homage to Scandinavian summer days and nights by promoting vibrant outdoor living with flexible furnishings that seamlessly translate from outdoors to in. Rooted in Danish tradition, these resilient designs accompany patio living with a cozy minimalist style.

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Amaze Collection Image

Amaze Collection

Vertically speaking, these teaky clean silhouettes cast dazzling shadows and stun sitters with style and comfort.

Area Collection Image

Area Collection

All hail the table stool. Multi-function meets outdoor aesthetics for a perfect duo that exceeds all surface seating expectations.

Blend Collection Image

Blend Collection

Coziness with Scandinavian influence. The Blend Collection lives up to its functional features while enhancing your interior vibe with warmth and character.

Box Collection Image

Box Collection

Simple storage in the form of all-weather materials. Get down to earth with organizing your space, inside and out.

Cave Collection Image

Cave Collection

Patio living with a little swing. Cuddle up for sunsets, snacks, reading, and chats in a cozy home outside the home.

Chester Collection Image

Chester Collection

Boxy beauties that bring a modern edge to your terrace. Spread out, sit up, or lie down on these classic outdoor angles.

Chill-Out Collection Image

Chill-Out Collection

Space-savers for close quarters. These transformer tables keep things interesting. What you see is just some of what you get.

Climb Collection Image

Climb Collection

Elevate the everyday in a very simple way. Lean Climb against any wall and call it a day.

Club Collection Image

Club Collection

From tray to table top, back to tray again. Go from lounge to club in seconds flat with this multifunctional must-have.

Core Collection Image

Core Collection

Trust your gut on these super cool outdoor must-haves. Sleek designs combine with ergonomic comfort to create the best. patio. ever.

Curve Collection Image

Curve Collection

In more ways than one, Curve is natural. It’s lightweight but strong, made from sustainable natural rattan for a unique seat.

Cut Collection Image

Cut Collection

Seats and tables that are a cut above the rest—literally. Embrace outdoor bar heights in both tables and stools.

Defined Collection Image

Defined Collection

Add an inside touch to your outdoor terrace. Durable, water-resistant, and a natural born space-creator.

Derby Collection Image

Derby Collection

Right out of the gates, it’s a seat with the epitome of elegance radiating from its durable weave to its classic silhouette.

Divine Collection Image

Divine Collection

Hand knit just for your feet. These durable footstools create low-profile lounging fit for any space, inside or out.

Edge Collection Image

Edge Collection

Super sharp, very versatile. Edgy seats that compliment your bold personality and way sleek patio habits.

Escape Collection Image

Escape Collection

Get out of your house, and into some sun. Sleek and modern comfort wins the poolside game by a landslide.

Flex Collection Image

Flex Collection

Pump some iron, then chill out on the porch with these malleable modulars. Create your favorite configuration and take a breather.

Flowerbox Collection Image

Flowerbox Collection

Now is the time to test your green thumb. Flowerbox proudly displays your plants while protecting them.

Frame Collection Image

Frame Collection

Reframe your storage game with earthy tones and durable materials that make themselves at home inside and out.

Hampsted Collection Image

Hampsted Collection

Timeless design, ultimate comfort. Frame your dining table with some full-throttle class to up your garden party game.

Infinity Collection Image

Infinity Collection

Over, under, in between - the Infinity Collection is the middle ground between floor and foot. Embrace and enjoy the Scandinavian art you frolic on.

Lansing Collection Image

Lansing Collection

Classic weaves for your outdoor haven. Punch up your patio’s refined factor with these beauties that look just as good as they feel.

Lean Collection Image

Lean Collection

The most durable support system for your patio. Lounge and lean in this classically designed, super quality seat.

Less Collection Image

Less Collection

Yeah, yeah, less is more. But seriously, this chair is after your minimalist heart with its super simple frame and straightforward seat.

Level Collection Image

Level Collection

Level-headed but not all there, that’s where you shine. The Level Collection offers geometric precision without pretentiousness.

Lightbox Collection Image

Lightbox Collection

Ask an open-ended question and you’ll get an onerous answer. Bring directness to décor and you’ll make a strong statement. Shed light on opportunity while closing off creative catastrophe.

Lighthouse Collection Image

Lighthouse Collection

A house for your candles, tea lights, and mini-gardens. Create cozy glows and lush botanical wonderlands to compliment your space.

Lighttube Collection Image

Lighttube Collection

Illuminate the aesthetic of caged inspiration that will keep your outdoor oasis beaming well after the sun goes down.

Loop Collection Image

Loop Collection

The art of rattan replication has been mastered. Modern design and multi-purpose direction are bonded to create a sense of urban renewal.

Mega Collection Image

Mega Collection

Mini bar, mega fun. Well, this Mega bar has been set. Modern urbanite statement furniture that caters to the masses while enveloping the individual.

Newman Collection Image

Newman Collection

Pretty, practical, pretty practical. Newman surrounds the dining table with subtle yet striking seating style.

Newport Collection Image

Newport Collection

Delightfully urban, perfectly structured. These stream-lined seats bring your dining game directly to the here and now.

On-The-Move Collection Image

On-The-Move Collection

A take-along table for when you want to follow the sun, or just need your stuff by your side at every moment.

Parc Collection Image

Parc Collection

All around ergonomic. Made with your body in mind, these teak pieces are striking and all about snuggling up to your curves.

Peacock Collection Image

Peacock Collection

For this social furniture species, the “party” never stops. Woven colorful beauties that when grouped together literally form a party. Peacocks AND peahens welcome.

Plaids Collection Image

Plaids Collection

Snuggle, cuddle, cozy, and bundle up. Blankets that serve as a cherry-on-top finish to your outdoor endeavors.

Presley Collection Image

Presley Collection

So comfy, the only thing you’ll care about are the tan lines. Classic woven style combines with adjustability for ultimate relaxation.

Pure Collection Image

Pure Collection

So clean, you’d think it’s been run through a filter. Compliment your next dinner with streamlined style and modern vibes.

Rail Collection Image

Rail Collection

A usable, foldable, movable that fits in on the veranda just as well as in the living room. Essential surface for a reason.

Relax Collection Image

Relax Collection

There is polished productivity in pure leisure. Take a break, lie down, and let your imagination run amok. Relax. Your life will be waiting when you’re ready.

Rest Collection Image

Rest Collection

Who says beauty sleep can’t be an outdoor activity? Rest up with these ample sunbeds and versatile stools that are durably delightful.

Roll Collection Image

Roll Collection

Just go with it. Or have it go with you. Either way, this handy trolley will change your perception of traveling from kitchen to lounge.

Scatter Cushions Image

Scatter Cushions

Pops of color and comfort for your favorite corners.

SIDD Collection Image

SIDD Collection

Simultaneously raw and refined. These SIDD seats bring a multi-median look to your dining area that defies all dinner party expectations.

Soft Collection Image

Soft Collection

Softness al fresco. Add a stylish twist to your organization essentials inside or out. Lightweight tote-ability makes this undeniably handy.

Spin Collection Image

Spin Collection

Turn around your chair game with some breezy style that is a breath of fresh air for your indoor quarters.

Square Collection Image

Square Collection

Be stuck up if you must, but at least enjoy the geometrically teak design of these patio pieces that are destined for the great outdoors.

Straw Rope Collection Image

Straw Rope Collection

An urban flair for your outdoor space, no matter how remote. These durable weaves are theconversation piece at your next garden party.

Sunrise Collection Image

Sunrise Collection

Here comes the sun, and then some. Put up your feet, lean back your head, and catch some rays with a side of luxury.

Sweep Collection Image

Sweep Collection

It’s only natural to be into de-cluttering. Keep it fashionable with these earthy baskets that are made for holding your stuff.

Time-Out Collection Image

Time-Out Collection

What letter should your frame to start with? C-shapes and crisscrosses make their table debuts with these muted outdoor surface spaces.

Traveller Collection Image

Traveller Collection

You can take this one with you. Fold up this Traveller lounger and get going. Outdoor comfort has never been so mobile.

Trinity Collection Image

Trinity Collection

Three legs are enough, we promise. Execute a charmed design that is as eye-catching as it is versatile.

Turn Collection Image

Turn Collection

A little bit of weave, a little bit of wood, and a lot of comfort. Turns out mixing it up is totally a good thing.

Urban Collection Image

Urban Collection

City dwellers unite. Elegance is the strong suit here, with ample cushions set atop a delicate base. Lounge with the latest and greatest.

Wave Collection Image

Wave Collection

Make waves to catch waves. An impression of an organic, living form that transfers elusive energy through your stylish space.