Our rewards program is simple and free to use. Earn five percent back on everything you buy to go toward your next purchase. You can save your Perks and spend them as you wish on qualifying orders.

How Perks work

Sign up for Rypen Perks by creating an account with us.

Perk cannot be earned or applied when used in tandem with promotional offers.

Keep track of Perks by logging into your Rypen account.

To start earning Perks, make a purchase online and get 5% of your order back in credit to collect and apply to following purchases.

Perks cannot be earned on orders in which Perks have been applied.

Perks expire one year from your last purchase, so be sure to act accordingly.

Get started with $10

Feel the power of the Perks and start saving or take $10 off your next Rypen purchase when you create and account.
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