Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Rypen website (“Site”). The Site is hosted and maintained by The Rypen Group, LLC (“Rypen”) and Rypen has developed this Privacy Policy to let you know what information Rypen collects, how it’s used and your options with regards to such information. All access and use of the Site, Content or Services is subject to the Rypen Terms & Conditions and this Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into the Terms & Conditions. In the event of any conflict between this Privacy Policy and the Rypen Terms & Conditions, the terms in the Terms & Conditions shall control.

Information Collected

1. Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”). PII shall include any and all information which you provide for the creation of your account and/or as necessary for processing your sales order(s) which can be used to identify you as an individual or to contact you, including without limitation, any credit card or financial billing information. Rypen requires PII to process your sales order(s), and may use also use the PII as necessary to respond to your requests for information or sales assistance, or to maintain your account. All such information is protected by Rypen’s standard security protocols and you have the right to access, update and modify any inaccuracies in such PII through your account. You assume responsibility for any posting or publishing your voluntarily undertake on our Site outside of the Account or sales order processing screens. As always, you should take care and avoid posting or publishing PII in any unsecured location.

2. Non-Personally Identifiable Information. The term non-personally identifiable information means information that you provide to Rypen or which Rypen collects electronically, but which does not personally identify you. Please note that Rypen does not consider any email address you provide as PII and Rypen may use such email address to communicate with you, including for processing sales order confirmations or coordination for delivery. You have the right in managing your account to access, update and modify any inaccuracies in your email address. Non-personally identifiable information shall also include any aggregated information, including without limitation cookies or other Site data sources, which do not personally identify you. Please note that Rypen requires your browser to permit cookies in order for you to use the Site to place sales orders and/or maintain an account.

3. How Rypen Uses PII and Non-Personally Identifiable Information. Rypen uses PII to provide the sales services, customer support and sales order processing services for the products offered on the Site. Rypen only uses such PII as necessary to process your sales orders and maintain your account. This use may include credit card processing through Rypen’s merchant account and all such credit card processing is governed by both the credit card processor rules as well as the security requirements for Rypen and its merchant account to maintain PCI compliance. Rypen will use and disclose PII only as necessary to provide you with services and in compliance with any requirements of law. Rypen does not lease or sell PII to third parties. Rypen uses and discloses PII only to Rypen staff, suppliers and third party service providers as necessary for providing you with Rypen services, including the processing and delivery of your sales orders. Rypen may disclose PII as necessary to comply with legal requirements, including without limitation, governmental orders, court orders, or legal process served on Rypen. Rypen may also disclose PII as necessary to protect its legal rights or as necessary to comply with the law or the credit card processor rules or to maintain PCI compliance. Rypen reserves the right to disclose PII as necessary for fraud and credit risk purposes. Rypen will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you of any security breach of your PII. Rypen does not limit its use of non-personally identifiable information.

4. Protection of Information. Rypen has implemented and maintains physical, administrative and electronic security measures for the Site that are designed to safeguard both your PII and non-personally identifiable information from improper access or use. For example, Rypen encrypts the sales order processing function of the Site as well as your account. Rypen also maintains reasonable technical and management practices to protect the confidentiality, security and integrity of the data stored on the Site. Rypen asks that you assist in maintaining the safety and security of the Site and your information through appropriate selection and maintenance of strong passwords including both letters and numbers. Rypen recommends that you safeguard your password. The Rypen Site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and encryption technology standards. While no system is completely secure, Rypen has implemented such security protocols for the Site and sales services to reduce the likelihood of security problems. Rypen will keep your information as long as necessary for the provision of services or as necessary for Rypen’s business needs (e.g. tax or insurance requirements).

5. Third Party Links. Any third party links found on the Site are used by you at your own risk. Rypen has no ability to control such third party sites and is not responsible for your election to connect with a third party site. Please protect your information if you provide any PII or non-personally identifiable information with any third party site. All third party site access and use is outside the scope of this Privacy Policy and you should review such third party sites’ policies.

6. Restrictions on Use. The Rypen Site and services are intended for adults age 18 or older. The Rypen Site is not intended or designed to attract attention of minors. Rypen does not collect PII for any person which Rypen knows to be under the age of 18.

7. Contact Rypen. If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy of PII, non-personally identifiable information, or the Site and services, please contact us at: or at the customer service number listed on the Site.