HOUE, a Danish design house founded in 2007, is driven by their philosophy of affordable luxury. The attention to comfort and aesthetics draw from their proud heritage of Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with mass appeal.

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Avon Collection Image

Avon Collection

The AVON collection was designed from the desire to create something with a very light appearance and a low sleek profile, while maintaining a high level of comfort.

Falk Collection Image

Falk Collection

FALK has a clear signature look, but isn’t overpowering in its appearance. This makes FALK fit equally well in a home or in an office setting. Distinct, light and functional.

Molo Collection Image

Molo Collection

Create a luxurious outdoor lounge area to sit and relax in comfort.

Nami Collection Image

Nami Collection

NAMI means wave and emphasizes the organic expression found in this collection. The design is based on the forces and lines of nature and finds its natural place outdoors exposed to wind and weather.

Paon Collection Image

Paon Collection

PAON is the French word for Peacock, and this bird is the inspiration for the design - take a look at the back and you will notice. PAON is light Scandinavian in its design with a touch of French Victorian romance. All PAON chairs are blessed with a seating comfort you would not expect from a metal chair.

ReClips Collection Image

ReClips Collection

ReCLIPS chairs are light and simple in appearance with wide lamellas that are comfortable even cushion free.