Loloi Rugs started with four employees, a small office in Dallas, Texas, and an idea to design the world’s most original rugs. They never let that dream go, and today have over 1000 contemporary, classic, and funky products for your floor. A true example of pioneering from the ground up.

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Adler Rug Collection Image

Adler Rug Collection

Pleasing patterns that echo Moroccan design and fit anywhere with their neutral palette. Cool and trendy are underfoot.

Akina Rug Collection Image

Akina Rug Collection

Keep your earth earthy with natural colors and a durable woolen weave. Goes well with geometric tastes.

Artesia Collection Image

Artesia Collection

Inspired by tile patterns and geometric shapes, the Artesia Collection crafted by Loloi for ED Ellen DeGeneres has a neutral palette is offset by strong, angular designs and a subtle sheen that immediately bring depth and interest to each piece.

Barkley Rug Collection Image

Barkley Rug Collection

The soothing designs in the Barkley Collection will provide the perfect sense of harmony and peace just where you need it most.

Beacon Collection Image

Beacon Collection

Durable and textured, the hand-woven Beacon Collection offers a fresh take on the tried and true natural fiber rug.

Bellamy Collection Image

Bellamy Collection

Create a dynamic space with Bellamy's silky textural design, subtle dappling of tonal colors and an illusion of movement created with contrasting pile-height stripes.

Beverly Collection Image

Beverly Collection

Modern and refined, the Beverly Collection's clean lines and minimalist hues allow you to layer it into any room.

Boceto Collection Image

Boceto Collection

Each design offers textural, linear, and precise detail giving the Boceto Collection crafted by Loloi for ED Ellen DeGeneres a refined yet playful vibe.

Cadence Collection Image

Cadence Collection

The Cadence Collection touts versatile appeal with unparalleled depth and dimension.

Cecelia Collection Image

Cecelia Collection

The Cecelia Collection displays pronounced visual depth through the use of tone on tone pattern. With five distinct color variations of a traditional motif, Cecilia offers multiple options for a classic foundation.

Dorado Collection Image

Dorado Collection

The Dorado Collection features an intriguing combination of hand-woven rayon and wool for a look that's at once bold and unexpected.

Edge Collection Image

Edge Collection

Give your room an all natural feel with the Edge Collection.

Ehren Collection Image

Ehren Collection

The Ehren Collection has a neutral palette, which is offset by strong, yet textural geometric patterns creating a subtle, long-lasting rug.

Franca Collection Image

Franca Collection

The Franca Collection is a pictorial and profound choice for any room, with a fresh and inspiring color palette, lux look and feel, and a subtle sheen for maximum designer appeal.

Gaia Collection Image

Gaia Collection

The Gaia Collection displays a classic color palette and a mix of abstract and traditional-inspired motifs.

Gemma Collection Image

Gemma Collection

Bring a new level of sophistication to any room with luxuriously soft texture, traditional-inspired elements, and a subtle patina.

Giada Collection Image

Giada Collection

The Giada Collection is a thoughtful and innovative interpretation of traditional rug design, featuring classic motifs and inspiring colors.

Giana Collection Image

Giana Collection

Inspired by textural watercolors, the Giana Collection combines a relaxed grid with soft variations of color for an effortless and sophisticated look.

Hamilton Collection Image

Hamilton Collection

The Hamilton Collection is a transitional series of tonal-bordered rugs that offers simple elegance.

Harlow Collection Image

Harlow Collection

The Harlow Collection combines earthy hues and textural design creating a relaxed and refined series.

Haven Collection Image

Haven Collection

The Haven Collection sets a sophisticated foundation for contemporary and classic interiors alike.

Hygge Collection Image

Hygge Collection

Inspired by Scandinavian textile motifs, the Hygge Collection combines a soft shaggy texture with an enduring neutral palette.

Iman Collection Image

Iman Collection

A new take on Moroccan style rugs, the Iman Collection features linear and braided details, creating tonal variations that make each piece unique.

Irvine Collection Image

Irvine Collection

Crafted by Loloi for ED Ellen DeGeneres, the Irvine Collection's variegated yarns, bouclé texture, and twisted fringe border creates a cozy foundation in a room for the perfect casual retreat.

Jamie Collection Image

Jamie Collection

The Jamie Collection is casually elegant with a mix of abrash colors for a warm and inviting ambiance underfoot.

Kenzie Collection Image

Kenzie Collection

Expertly hand-woven by skilled artisans in India, the Kenzie Collection provides a mix of tonal and contrasting geometric designs.

Landscape Collection Image

Landscape Collection

The abstract patterns of the Landscape Collection are an ode to natural terrains and are brought to life with an earthy palette that's timeless, yet entirely of-the-moment.

Lennon Collection Image

Lennon Collection

An embossed-like pattern dappled with tonal striations, the Lennon Collection resonates in a variety of decor styles.

Lily Collection Image

Lily Collection

The Lily Collection is an earthy base that isn't your average jute rug.

Masai Collection Image

Masai Collection

The Masai Collection is a softer side of the Savannah brought to life by artisans in India. Masai is a beautiful contemporary rug with contrasting hues and is a chic twist on the classic animal print.

Norabel Collection Image

Norabel Collection

Norabel features designs that balance botanical motifs in delicate, variegated colors that resonate for today's home.

Ollie Collection Image

Ollie Collection

The Ollie Collection offers a series of understated neutrals complemented by a feel-good texture.

Omen Collection Image

Omen Collection

The Omen Collection is a timeless series with subtle chevron waves that add beautiful dimension and create a truly unique look that is long-lasting and durable.

Padma Collection Image

Padma Collection

Through bold color combinations and asymmetrical designs, Padma takes the familiar wool hook construction and gives it a fresh spin.

Porter Collection Image

Porter Collection

The beauty of the Porter Collection is in the rich subtleties which offers visual interest and a character that lends no two pieces alike.

Prescott Collection Image

Prescott Collection

The Prescott Collection features tone-on-tone geometric patterns with high-low pile that creates dimension and offers a unique textural focal point to any room.

Promenade Rug Collection Image

Promenade Rug Collection

Tufted of wool by skilled artisians in India, the Peregrine Collection feels naturally soft underfoot and features linear details with neutral tones juxtaposed with variegated pops of color.

Quarry Collection Image

Quarry Collection

The Quarry Collection sets a refined, heavily textured tone that can work in any space. Available in three timeless neutrals.

Quinn Collection Image

Quinn Collection

The Quinn Collection features a soft but textured pile with beautiful color striations that are unique to every piece.

Reyla Collection Image

Reyla Collection

The Reyla Collection offers a series of understated neutrals that feel at once fresh and timeless.

Robin Collection Image

Robin Collection

The Robin Collection displays a beautiful dappling of colors.

Roman Collection Image

Roman Collection

A perfect blend of refined and relaxed, the Roman Collection has meticulously placed strokes offering a neutral foundation that will elevate any space.

Rosina Collection Image

Rosina Collection

The Rosina Collection will liven up any space with this radiant layer of casual refinement.

Serena Collection Image

Serena Collection

The Serena Collection is an amazingly simple yet sophisticated foundation for any space.

Simone Collection Image

Simone Collection

Stray away from ordinary with the playful Simone Collection.

Sloane Collection Image

Sloane Collection

The Sloane Collection is a perfect blend of refined and relaxed.

Solano Collection Image

Solano Collection

Earthy colors, natural texture, and tribal motifs come together in the Solano Collection for ED Ellen DeGeneres.

Urbana Collection Image

Urbana Collection

Modern and refined, the Urbana Collection's sumptuous pile has a luxurious luster that shifts in changing light.

Wild Bloom Collection Image

Wild Bloom Collection

Created in collaboration with artist and painter Bari J, the Wild Bloom Collection captures the essence of a traditional floral painting whilst providing the softness and comfort of a rug.