Ocean OC2 Bench


Why We Love It

The Ocean OC2 Collection was originally designed in 1955 by some of the 20th century’s most renowned designers, Jørgen and Nanna Ditzel. The design has now been created in plastic waste from Carlsberg’s discarded plastic beer kegs. The series is characterized by its light structure with repeated slats and metal frames, made and tested for outdoor use.

  • In collaboration with one of the leading breweries in the world, Danish Carlsberg, Mater is using their used beer kegs to mould into the slats of the seats of the Ocean OC2 Collection.
  • Designed for disassembly, meaning that the design allows each component in its purest form to recycle into new production circles.
  • Mater's steel is composed of 20% recycled steel. Steel is a strong and light material with the quality that it can be processed in unlimited ways.
  • Mater believes in the importance of transparency. By doing Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on their furniture, they can analyze the total climate emission for each of our product’s lifespan.
  • Slats made from discarded beer kegs mixed with upcycled hard plastic. One chair contains 1120g / 39.5oz beer keg plastic waste.
  • Frame: Steel tube, partly upcycled steel, gun metal finish.
  • Hard plastic gliders installed as standard
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 8-10 weeks - contact us for availability.


Created By


Mater is a Danish design brand that is recognized and applauded as a global pioneer in creating sustainable, eco-conscious, and socially responsible furniture and lighting pieces. Through collaborations with an external base of established and fresh design talent, Mater combines exclusive high-end furniture and lighting, with working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment.