Perch Light Branch Suspension Lamp


Why We Love It

What is more poetic and elegantly captivating than a bird perched on a branch, flirting, singing and celebrating life? We all recognize this image and steal a moment from our precious time to admire this triumph of nature and beauty.

  • The Perch Collection evokes paper birds, gracefully balancing on perches, with golden beaks and trails of precious metal in the feathers of their tails.
  • These sunlit birds are free to swing when softly touched, gently glowing and bringing along the promise of spring.
  • An enchanting flock of lights after daylight has faded.
  • Perch Light Branch is available in 2 models.
  • Steel and aluminum frame with polycarbonate and synthetic paper birds.
  • Large version includes 5 birds (3 small and 2 large), and small size with (2 small and 1 large).
  • One straight connector included.
  • Suspension poles included with set totaling 1.5m in length, finished in matching color.
  • Black cable comes standard in 2.5m length; small version with 10m extended cable length available for high ceilings and stairwell applications.
  • Cylinder canopy in matching steel.
  • The luminaire is dimmable by using a 1-10V dimmer switch, low voltage pulse width modulation dimmer, or potentiometer knob.
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