Stacked Storage System with Door


Why We Love It

Being both versatile and functional, the Stacked Storage System can be arranged and rearranged for the exact configuration that you’d like, whether it be as shelving setups, sideboards, bookcases or side table. The design can easily be refreshed by playing around with the space between the modules or mounting the modules with backboard directly onto the wall.

  • With its various sizes and finishes, the Stacked Storage System can be can be configured for the exact aesthetic and functional needs of any space.
  • Stacked allows you to mix and match various colors and sizes for a vibrant, personal take on a modern shelving setup for books, homeware and other artefacts.
  • A Stacked configuration is never final and can always be rearranged or enriched with more modules for endless possibilities.
  • Choose from modules that are open, have backboards or with doors on their front to create a mix of open display areas and concealed storage.
  • The design can be free-standing or elevated with a Stacked Podium. Modules with a backboard can be mounted directly onto the wall.
  • Modules and podium in MDF with oak veneer or PU lacquered finish.
  • Each Stacked module comes with two painted steel clips in the same color as the module, while Oak comes with two clips in Light Grey. Extra clips available as a set of 5.
  • The Stacked Storage System complies with the European requirements for safety, strength, durability and stability within storage when following the assembly and configuration guidelines.
  • Modules should always be connected with two Stacked Clips or be mounted to a wall to ensure stability of the shelving system.
  • Max. weight 55 lbs (free-standing) and 26.5 lbs (wall-mounted) per module. Max. total weight 660 lbs when evenly distributed on the Podium. Max. total height 112.25" and max. 6 modules on top of one another.
  • Care: Remove dust from shelves with a soft cloth. When necessary clean with moist cloth. For wood veneer finishes, dry immediatly with a soft cloth following wood grains. The wood should not be exposed to excessive heat, direct sunlight or humidity.
  • If out of stock, US quickship items typically ship in 6-8 weeks, and special orders in 9-15 weeks. Lead times for custom, made-to-order items may vary – contact us for availability.


Created By


The name Muuto comes from the Finnish word muutos, meaning new perspective. Muuto is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality, craftsmanship and honest expression. By expanding this heritage with forward-looking materials, techniques and bold creative thinking, their ambition is to deliver new perspectives on Scandinavian design.