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Rar Cushion


Why We Love It

With its easy-to-like silhouette and impeccable comfort, Rar is an uncomplicated sofa collection that will adapt seamlessly to many interiors and tastes. Capturing the essence of its inviting nature, Rar takes its name from the Danish word for pleasant. Comprising an armchair, a 2-seater sofa, and a spacious 3-seater sofa, this collection embodies a humble design language that seamlessly integrates into any space. Crafted with a focus on minimalistic lines and with attention to the smallest of details, Rar combines a sturdy wooden reinforcement structure, enveloped in sumptuous PU foam and exquisite textiles. The epitome of simplicity, the Rar design carefully emphasizes a select few refined elements, creating an ambiance of effortless sophistication. Notably, the meeting point between the armrests and the backrest makes an interesting detail, as the armrests elegantly frame the flat surface of the backrest. This discreet yet charismatic detail infuses the design with character and refinement.

  • The Rar collection takes its name from the Danish word for pleasant, alluding to its soft and comfortable seat and uncomplicated expression.
  • The collection comprises an Armchair, a 2 Seater Sofa and a 3 Seater Sofa, all with the same simplistic, timeless design language.
  • Incorporate coordinating Cushions for added comfort.
  • The Rar Cushion is crafted from high-quality PU foam.
  • Available in two different textiles, the thoughtfully curated upholstery selection offers the option to adapt the design to your unique aesthetic.
  • Choose from Re-Born, a contemporary dark gray fabric that effortlessly complements modern interiors, or Venezia, a sophisticated Off-White textile adding an air of elegance to any setting.
  • Clean fabric with textile or upholstery cleaner. Frequent vacuuming with a soft fitting is recommended to preserve color and appearance.
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 10-12 weeks – contact us for availability.


Created By

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company with the mission to create original and innovative products in a simple and contemporary design that withstands the test of time. Or in other words, to challenge conventional thinking and make the ordinary extraordinary through great design.