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Atlas River Wall Panel

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Why We Love It

In Greek mythology, Atlas was the Titan god of endurance. After warring with the Olympian gods, Zeus tasked Atlas with holding up the celestial heavens for eternity. These extraordinary new pieces from Phillips Collection will certainly leave an impression that will endure, as the metal figures "hold up" the pieces in this series.

  • There are a variety of furnishings and accessories in the Atlas Collection that reflect the ethos Phillips Collection personifies: modern organic.
  • Through exquisite design and craftsmanship, this piece combines Nature's finest castaways in a warm contemporary setting.
  • Chamcha wood is an exotic subspecies of acacia found in the forests of Thailand that is well known for its richly figured grain and distinct sap line.
  • Crafted by hand from natural acacia wood, there may be organic variations in the form of these wall pieces. Variations may include cracks, divots or imperfect edges.
  • Care: Clean with wood polish and soft cloth. Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • If out of stock, lead times may vary - contact us for more details.


Created By

Phillips Collection

Phillips Collection has been defining global style for nearly forty years with their award-winning, organic contemporary furnishings. Transforming the beauty of nature into an element of design, they strive to spark not only an emotional cord but also a conversation with each piece.