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Split the Difference Coffee Table

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Why We Love It

Plate tectonics: a natural force so powerful, it shapes the very ground we stand on. Phillips Collection’s Ash Split the Difference Coffee Table simulates a solid chunk of lava stone being torn asunder from the constant friction of tectonic plates located far below the Earth’s crust.

  • This piece reflects the ethos that Phillips Collection personifies: modern organic.
  • This earth-shaking table is divided in two pieces that can be conjoined into one whole, or left as two separate tables depending on your design preference.
  • Made from a combination of resin and crushed stone then finished in an ashen gray.
  • This elemental statement piece is beautifully contrasted with a remarkable chrome-finished stainless steel surface that delivers a modern take on this naturally inspired motif.
  • This item is made from polished stainless steel and is reflective like a mirror. Color will be determined by its surroundings.
  • Dust with a soft cloth. Do not use cleaning materials with strong chemicals. Suitable for Covered outdoor use.
  • If out of stock, lead times may vary - contact us for more details.


Created By

Phillips Collection

Phillips Collection has been defining global style for nearly forty years with their award-winning, organic contemporary furnishings. Transforming the beauty of nature into an element of design, they strive to spark not only an emotional cord but also a conversation with each piece.