A Conversation Piece Tall Back Lounge Chair

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Why We Love It

A Conversation Piece™ Tall is a standout design piece in any setting and just right for enjoying a good book or engaging conversation, favoring relaxation and slow living. The lounge chair’s spacious seat has plenty of room for sitting in different positions, whether curled up with your legs or fully stretched out, and the tall back of the chair catches your head at any angle, for you to feel sheltered. Update the look and color of the chair in minutes, by interchanging the upholstery yourself. By enabling you to change the upholstery in the future, the life of the design is extended, for the climate and for you.

  • With its interplay of defined curves, the attractive profile of A Conversation Piece is inspired by the free-flowing organic furniture often found in the Scandinavian design history.
  • With its bold organic curves and soft aesthetic, the tall back lounge chair is a standout design piece in any setting, and just right for enjoying a good book or engaging conversation.
  • Available in oak, dark oak and black oak in combination withcarefully selected fabrics.
  • With the entire collection it is possible to interchange the upholstery yourself – in minutes – to update the look and color of the chair, making it a sustainable design by extending the life of the collection as new trends come and go.
  • Upholstery can be made to order with fabric and leathers from Kvadrat and Sørensen Leather by request.
  • Approximately 20 minutes to assemble.


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