Beetle Fully Upholstered Conic Base Dining Chair

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Why We Love It

With its striking, organic form, remarkable comfort and endless configurations, it took less than a decade for Danish Italian duo GamFratesi’s Beetle Dining Chair to become a genuine design classic. The Beetle Chair’s durable outer shell is a continuous, curved form, reminiscent of the strong and graceful contours of the insect that inspired it. Despite its robustness, it is designed to gently flex, providing comfort even after prolonged sitting, making it ideal for dining and meetings. Sleek and elegant conical metal legs add an overall lightness to the design, accentuating the ‘beetle’ aesthetic. Simplicity of shape makes the Beetle Chair ideal for variation and customization. It can be fully upholstered, with a vast array of fabrics to choose from. It is also possible to upholster just the seat, or the front, revealing the subtly-textured matte plastic shell at the back. With so many combinations possible, there is a Beetle for every occasion, whether at home, work or in hospitality settings.

  • The striking silhouette of the Beetle Chair, combined with the versatility delivered by almost endless configuration options, offers universal appeal.
  • Taking in its surroundings and drawing attention without ever stealing the show, it has universal appeal and application, complementing any setting or personal style.
  • The flexible and yet robust shell enables micromovements inspired by the articulated shell of a beetle and provides unparalleled comfort, even over prolonged sitting periods.
  • The wide range of upholstery options and different bases make it possible to put your personal touch to the chair and create one of its kind.
  • Steel frame in 5 elegant metal finishes supports a thermoplastic shell upholstered in your choice of fabric or leather.
  • Piping detail available in matching fabric or with Black or Brandy leather by request.
  • Plastic glides included as standard, felt glides available upon request.
  • COM and COL available.
  • Have something else in mind? Contact us to customize any aspect of the chair.


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The curators at Gubi make dwelling in the past look good. Their team of "treasure hunters" is on a mission to re-launch iconic designs from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and today. That's over fifty years of eclectic, international, and groundbreaking mid-century modern design brought to the present.