GUBI is the global design house where timeless modern icons and the creative talents of today meet and mingle – a century of design brilliance in one daring, definitive, and ever-evolving collection. Positioned at the point where the beauty of history meets the thrill of right now, GUBI is the creative force and curator behind the world’s most extraordinary design from the 20th century onwards. As well as rediscovering and reintroducing lost treasures of design history for the present generation, GUBI collaborates with a hand-picked global roster of visionary design studios to create icons for tomorrow.

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Dining + Side Chairs

Whether the quotidian family meal, or the focal point of a big occasion, dining chairs must first fulfil its practical duty to provide unfailing comfort, day after day. GUBI’s dining chairs aspire to do much more, providing an intimacy and personality to the interior.