Seine Ceiling Lamp


Why We Love It

The Seine Collection by Space Copenhagen was inspired by the behavior of light in moving water, an effect that was captured through the use of patterned mouth-blown glass. The collection comprises of a Table Lamp, Ceiling Lamp, and Pendant, each of can be configured with a shade in Smoke, a lightly tinted translucent glass which reveals the in- ner structure of the lamp, or Coral, where the interior of the shade has been sand-blasted to create a clouded effect. Each Seine lamp draws on the power of glass to soften, layer, and blur light, creating a dreamy a reflective ambiance.

  • The Seine Collection weaves vintage references into a distinctly modernist and understated design, evoking the shimmer and motion of a gently flowing river.
  • Translating images of water into three-dimensional form, the studio aims to emphasize the liquidity and ambiguity of glass – a unique material with a life all its own, infused with an almost ethereal air of mystery.
  • With Seine, Space Copenhagen has embodied the delicate balance between function and atmosphere.
  • The lamps illuminate spaces effectively while also influencing the play of light, giving each lamp an inviting tactility and an expressive depth – a beauty and character that resonates whether the light is switched on or off.
  • Shades in mouth-blown glass – available in transparent smoke or sandblasted coral glass – create a poetic, textured and layered light.
  • Formed in a geometric yet playful clover-like shape, the shades are made by blowing the glass into a mold, which shapes the glass into its distinctive grooved pattern as it sets.
  • The same shade is shared between the table and ceiling lamp variants, whereas the pendant’s is cut slightly shorter to optimize the field of light.
  • Base in antique brass.
  • Black textile cord.
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 14 weeks – contact us for details.


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