Aledin Tec Task Lamp


Why We Love It

Aledin is a LED task lamp available in two different versions, Tec and Dec, whose distinctive element is the diffuser. Aledin Tec has a flat head which throws a direct luminous beam and is also adjustable thanks to the movement of the diffuser itself. These characteristics make it suitable for office use while Dec, on the other hand, is defined by the faceted decoration of its cone-shaped diffuser. On this model, the luminous beam throws a wider and more atmospheric light which well lends itself to residential applications. The two articulating arms in polycarbonate, which constitute the structure of both models, are characterized by two aluminium rods endowed with a conductivity function. In class 3, this lighting fixture has a high-performing luminosity in the area of 600 lm and enables considerable savings in energy consumption thanks to its latest generation 5.6 W LED lamp bulbs.

  • Minimalistic and clean, Aledin Task Lamps enhance any space.
  • With its intricate shade detail and translucent colors, this lamp has a classic aesthetic.
  • The Dec Lamp has a faceted cone-shaped diffuser, which casts a wide, soft light.
  • The flat head of the Tec Lamp casts a clean, focused beam.
  • Transparent or mass-colored polycarbonate in 5 translucent colors.
  • Painted polycarbonate in opaque black and white.
  • Features a dimmer.
  • Suitable for indoor use only.
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 10-12 weeks – contact us for availability.


Created By


Kartell, the Milan-based design company, is a brand that has become synonymous with playful and innovative modern furniture and lighting. Kartell modern furniture, which includes already iconic designs by celebrated names, like Philippe Starck—continues to stretch the boundaries of material possibilities, with inventive forms comprised of injection-mold polycarbonate and other plastics.