Normann Copenhagen

Phantom Small Lamp


Why We Love It

Phantom is a series of voluminous lamps made from a special semi-transparent resin material. The outlines of archetypical chandeliers have served as inspiration for the lamps’ dramatic silhouettes, which in the ivory veil achieve a soft iconic character.

The lamps are made from a steel skeleton, around which the elastic resin is sprayed in closely-spaced threads, as a silkworm forms its cocoon. Tightly wrapped, the lamp’s outline stands out like a mysterious echo of the original shape. The lamps emit an indirect, diffuse light that creates warm and atmospheric illumination.

  • Voluminous lamps with a soft, iconic character.
  • The expressive lamps are striking on their own or in combination.
  • Small, Medium and Large sizes each have their own exclusive shape.
  • Phantom Lamps are made by spraying thin threads of flame retardant resin on a voluminous steel frame.
  • Many layers of threads create the full lampshade and give it a textured exclusive finish.
  • The light weighted lamps come assembled with a click cover for the bottom opening.
  • 13'1-1/2 textile cord allows you to hang the lamp at your desired height.
  • Textile cord and canopy in white coordinate seamlessly with fixture.
  • Dimmable with dimmable light source, ensure dimmer is compatable with LED.
  • Bulb not included.
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 10-12 weeks.


Created By

Normann Copenhagen

Normann Copenhagen is a Danish design company with the mission to create original and innovative products in a simple and contemporary design that withstands the test of time. Or in other words, to challenge conventional thinking and make the ordinary extraordinary through great design.