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Horse Pipe Sculpture

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Why We Love It

The Horse Pipe Sculpture was envisioned by Timbul Raharjo, an award-winning artist and sculptor from the village of Kasongan in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is well-known for large-scale masterpieces like these decorative sculptures that are made from highly polished stainless-steel pipe that is individually placed and welded together to create astonishing, complex forms like mustangs and bulls. Timbul works with all types of metals, including aluminum castings, to make dresses, humans, and animals.

  • Each of these reflects the ethos that Phillips Collection personifies: modern organic.
  • Each piece is hand-sculpted and, after a thorough polish, the sculptures come to life convincingly.
  • Care: Dust with a soft cloth. Do not use cleaning materials with harsh chemicals. Suitable for outdoor use.
  • If out of stock, lead times may vary - contact us for more details.


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Phillips Collection

Phillips Collection has been defining global style for nearly forty years with their award-winning, organic contemporary furnishings. Transforming the beauty of nature into an element of design, they strive to spark not only an emotional cord but also a conversation with each piece.