Atmosfera Dining Table


Why We Love It

The tables’ simple aesthetics maintain an understated poise with a nod to classic references without being too formal. The tabletops are made from rhythmic, repeating slats of solid, premium teak, enclosed by a frame made from the same slats, giving a minimalist feel. The table legs are formed from two vertical slats, using a miter joint that creates an inverted ‘L-shape’ on each corner. Referencing architectural and maritime design, the unusual leg design provides both structural support and visual interest, giving the piece a certain lightness. Each leg protrudes slightly above the tabletop surface, culminating in a rounded detail in contrast to the geometric lines of the structure, that gives a calm composure to the design.

  • Comprising a dining table in two sizes and a coffee table, the Atmosfera Collection has been conceived to bring a unique vibe when gathering outside for al fresco dining and lounging.
  • Both dining tables – one to seat six and the other to seat eight – and the coffee table follow the same design, with considered differences in dimensions to reflect their functionality.
  • Their calm and linear style links, accompanies and supports the iconic and eye- catching pieces in the GUBI Collection for outdoor.
  • With generous leg clearance, the Atmosfera Dining Tables pair particularly well with outdoor variants of the C-Chair, the Beetle and Bat Chairs and the Tropique Chair.
  • The Atmosfera Coffee Table is the perfect partner for the outdoor Pacha Collection.
  • Using teak as the only material enables the tables to define spaces within diverse indoor and outdoor environments – from an arid Mediterranean garden to a lush tropical backdrop or a Nordic fjord deck, their tactile construction blends well with any natural surroundings.
  • Teak’s high tensile strength and tight grain make it an excellent structural timber and a high-quality furniture wood; it is also rich in naturally occurring oils, which make it inherently resistant to the effects of weather and natural wear and therefore particularly suitable for outdoor furniture.
  • GUBI’s teak is buffed, bringing the natural oils already contained within the wood to the surface, and burnished to produce a rich sheen and a consistent color.
  • The Atmosfera Collection only uses farmed plantation teak with SVLK certification, which ensures biodiversity, sustainable forestry practices, and provides additional economic benefits to the local economy.
  • The tables pack flat for efficient transport.
  • Plastic glides included as standard.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 14 weeks – contact us for details.



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