Beetle Dining Chair - Front Upholstered, Conic Base

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Why We Love It

With its striking, organic form, remarkable comfort and endless configurations, it took less than a decade for The Beetle Dining Chair to become a genuine design classic. The Beetle Dining Chair’s durable outer shell is a continuous, curved form, reminiscent of the strong and graceful contours of the insect that inspired it. Despite its robustness, it is designed to gently flex, providing comfort even after prolonged sitting, making it ideal for dining and meetings. The Beetle Dining Chair can be customized in any one of a vast array of fabrics and materials, further echoing the versatility of its insect namesake. The distinctive silhouette enables the Beetle to carry bold colors with tactile expressions, or upholsteries can be color matched to the shell for a more understated finish. Similarly, bases are available in a range of carefully considered finishes, with metal, wood and plastic versions adding further functionality and versatile aesthetics.

  • Strikingly simple in form but full of personality, GamFratesi’s Beetle Collection combines crafted details and advanced manufacturing technologies to produce something truly original: a highly versatile, extremely comfortable, and beautifully expressive chair inspired by the forms of nature.
  • Perfectly tailored to the human form, the flexible and yet robust shell enables the back to tilt in micromovements inspired by the articulated shell of a beetle and provides unparalleled comfort, even over prolonged sitting periods.
  • The Beetle Chair’s shell can be customized in a vast variety of materials and colors, while bases are available in a range of carefully considered finishes, making it possible to put your personal touch to the chair and create one of a kind.
  • With so many combinations possible, there is a Beetle for every occasion, whether at home, work or in hospitality settings.
  • Sleek and elegant conic metal base supports a thermoplastic shell. Shell exposed at back; front with dual layers of foam, upholstered in fabric or leather upholstery.
  • Further customization including COM / COL available with extended lead time, subject to MOQ requirements, suitability testing and approval.
  • Plastic glides included as standard; felt glides available upon request.
  • It's possible to change and upgrade legs and upholstery over time to give the Beetle Chair a different expression and new life.
  • Parts can be separated and sorted for recycling, Beetle shells are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene.
  • If out of stock, item typically arrives in 13 - 15 weeks – contact us for details.


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