Carmel Side Table


Why We Love It

GUBI’s first ceramic tables, taking advantage of single-fired stoneware’s robustness, resilience, and unique organic aesthetic. The versatile Carmel tables have vivid color options, high-shine glaze, and richly textured finishes, combined with organic contours, which give the Carmel tables a distinctive look, playful character, and almost creature-like appeal. The Carmel tables can stand alone as feature pieces or be combined in clusters with others in different sizes and colors. Small tables are available in Rock Red or Pacific Blue; medium in Clam White, and large in Midnight Black, with a randomized crystal finish applied to black and white tables.

  • Inspired by OEO Studio’s travels on the Pacific Coast, the new Carmel Table Collection introduces a new material to GUBI – ceramic – and a burst of vivid Californian color and energy to homes and gardens.
  • With particular reference to the carefree, easygoing and unconventional lifestyle of the famously bohemian and artistic resort town of Carmel-by-the-Sea, OEO has developed a collection of coffee tables in different heights and sizes, full of color and personality.
  • Thanks to its material composition, the Carmel Table is a hybrid design, able to enhance interior and exterior settings alike.
  • Robust and durable while still being light enough to move around easily, the Carmel Tables can be used alone or clustered together, juxtaposing different finishes and sizes, introducing personality to any space.
  • Their organic forms and vivid colors complement any design scheme, ensuring the tables have longevity both in terms of style and sturdiness.
  • Set on sturdy, matt black legs in powder-coated galvanized steel affixed to aluminum feet, the ceramic tabletop is made from a single pressed piece of hard-wearing, single-fired Italian stoneware, which offers an attractive and texturally rich aesthetic expression while also being strongly resistant to wear and tear.
  • Three sizes are available, each with a characterfully rounded shape, giving the table a pebble-like silhouette, a unique, crafted look, and a strong sense of individuality.
  • Four vibrant, richly saturated color options, in combination with the high-gloss, subtly textured surface, give the tables a sense of richness and depth.
  • The smallest coffee table comes in either Rock Red or Pacific Blue; the medium is in Clam White, and the largest and lowest in Midnight Black; black and white versions of the Carmel Table are further enriched by the application of a randomized spread of crystals after painting, which introduces a mesmerizing pattern that changes dependent on the viewer’s position.
  • Due to the nature of ceramic, no two tables are the same; unlike other materials that can be precision-engineered and made uniform and perfect, ceramic retains a life and character of its own – a compelling balance between imperfection and clarity.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Hybrid tough rubber glides attached as standard.
  • The Carmel concept was developed to pack flat and ship efficiently, minimizing the space taken up during delivery and thus enabling more carbon-efficient shipping.
  • Production times may vary – contact us for details.



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