Private Sideboard


Why We Love It

Understated sophistication, timeless aesthetics, and outstanding craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the dual-purpose Private Desk by Space Copenhagen. Inspired by antique Japanese furniture in both style and craft, this oak-veneered surface is elevated by two vertical legs, held together by a single horizontal beam, giving strength in structure and yet lightness in appearance. Available in brown-black or light stained finishes, the Private Desk can be used as both a comfortable homeworking desk and as a console after hours. Designed to match the flexibility required in modern lives, the Private Desk fits perfectly in a range of scenarios and interior styles, particularly when paired with other elements from the Private Collection. Classic design, excellent workmanship and immense versatility and functionality ensure that the Private Desk will be cherished more and more over time.

  • The Private Collection is a dedicated exercise in clean lines, symmetry and tonal restraint – calm and composed, but undeniably generous in its expression.
  • Playing with notions of public and private, visible and obscured, open and closed, the Private Collection by Space Copenhagen forms the most comprehensive line of storage and display furniture in the GUBI Collection, enabling bespoke curations of personal narratives by showcasing the things that signal our identities.
  • The visual simplicity and careful balance of dimensions and materials enable each piece to feature in any room of the home and to fit seamlessly into a range of different interior styles.
  • Space Copenhagen looked to the simplicity and craftsmanship of antique Japanese furniture for inspiration, even incorporating visual hallmarks of Japanese wood joinery into the collection as a defining design detail.
  • The simplicity of form emphasizes traditional cabinetry techniques and craftsmanship, such as grain-matched veneers.
  • Each piece is supported by two vertical tapered legs with a horizontal wooden beam wedging them in place.
  • Considering the social rituals of dining in their design, Space Copenhagen elected to make the tables slightly narrower than is typical of dining furniture; this allows ample space for all the components of a family meal, but also brings diners closer together, enabling more intimate experiences and facilitating conversation with a greater number of people, keeping dinner a highly convivial affair.
  • Solid oak veneer in brown-black or light stained finish.
  • Antique brass hardware.
  • Felt glides included as standard.
  • Meets ASTM clothing storage standards for safety (F2057-19) and anti-tip performance (F3096-14).
  • Made to last with sustainability in mind – parts can be separated and sorted for recycling.
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 12-16 weeks – contact us for details.


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