Seine Portable Lamp


Why We Love It

Inspired by the behavior of light on moving water, Seine draws on the layering and blurring effects of glass to practically illuminate spaces while creating a dreamy and reflective atmosphere. By making the design mobile, Space Copenhagen has created the ultimate modern lantern, taking portable lighting to a new level of elegance and craftsmanship.

  • The Seine Collection weaves vintage references into a distinctly modernist and understated design, evoking the shimmer and motion of a gently flowing river.
  • The portable version of Space Copenhagen’s Seine Table Lamp brings the design’s magical and atmospheric play of light into any space, effortlessly moving between indoors and out as they desire.
  • Like its static counterparts – the Seine Pendant, Ceiling Lamp, and Table Lamp – the Seine Portable Lamp’s defining feature is a shade in patterned mouth-blown glass – a modest, modernist design with vintage references.
  • The clover-like, dome-shaped shade is created by blowing the glass into a mold, allowing it to set into its distinctive grooved shape, evoking the shimmer and motion of a gently flowing river – it remains a beautiful object even when switched off.
  • Used either individually or deployed in clusters on long tables, Seine Portable Lamps offer the flexibility to extend afternoon barbecues into evening soirées under the stars, and to keep enjoying the life alfresco even as summer shifts into autumn. Indoors, the lamps are ever-ready companions, able to transform dark corners into cozy reading nooks, or guide night owls on midnight wanders around the house.
  • The Seine Portable Lamp features a mouth-blown sandblasted glass shade with a sandblasted finish.
  • The hand-finished antique-brass base has been extended for optimal ergonomics, allowing it to be easily and comfortably carried around and outside the house.
  • The Seine Portable Lamp incorporates a specially developed LED lamp and integrated battery pack.
  • Supplied with a USB-C docking station for charging.
  • Charges to full in 6.5-8 hours, offering hours and hours of light depending on the dimmer setting: 50-60 hours at 10%, 12–14 hours at 50%, and up to seven hours at full brightness.
  • The touch-activated three-stage dimmer set into the base allows the user to set the light level that the atmosphere demands, or to brighten up outdoor spaces in stages as the sun sets.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • If out of stock, item typically ships in 14 weeks – contact us for details.


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