Founded in 2010, Lambert & Fils is a contemporary lighting studio that creates original collections and collaborates with emerging designers around the world. Preserving the bond between design and making, all lighting is handmade in the Lambert & Fils atelier in the heart of Montreal. Through its exploration of new design technologies, Lambert & Fils investigates the many shapes of light—meditating on voids, volumes and the importance of materials as a point of origin. These explorations trace where the unexpected meets the universally poetic, and where humility meets complex design.

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Clark Collection Image

Clark Collection

The Clark Collection pushes the limits of form without sacrificing functionality. The rich materials and subtle used of angles in these lamps seamlessly blend elegance and playfulness.

Dorval Collection Image

Dorval Collection

The Dorval collection is a subtle interplay between contemporary and vintage industrial design. The result of these influences is a light is both confrontational and intriguing—one which poses an immediate invitation to play.

Parc Collection Image

Parc Collection

Evoking the archetype of a flashlight, each lamp of the Parc Collection is a playful reminder of time spent in nature, when a simple tube and piece of string could be used to fashion any number of creations.

Waldorf Collection Image

Waldorf Collection

The main feature of the Waldorf Collection combines an open hemispherical shade with a cylindrical socket cover. Swivelling shades and other moving parts add functional flexibility to the crisp, streamlined forms of this collection.